A time warner cable modem that offers a wifi service is a high-speed internet connection that receives and sends out signals from the broadband router to all connected computers and devices inside the house. There is a sole time warner cable ip address in the household.


Features And Benefits Of Cable Modem Time Warner

Before I made a decision to purchase this type of cable modem, I first looked into the different features that the modem offers. One of the features of this cable modem is that it allows several computers to be connected at the same time in just one network. Another feature is called file-sharing between family members.

There are also some benefits that can be derived when I choose to buy a cable modem from time warner. The first advantage is that my family members are not restricted to the number of cables available because they are allowed to connect to the internet wirelessly. Another benefit is that the internet can be accessed without leaving our rooms. This simply means that we can work from anywhere inside the house.


Time Warner Cable Modem Setup Steps

But since I live on my own, I decided that instead of using a cable modem with wifi, I wanted one with phone. Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to setup the modem.

Step 1:  I attached one end of the Ethernet cable to the modem’s internet port. I also affixed the other end to the router’s internet port.

Step 2: Next, I connected another end of the Ethernet’s cable to the port of the router and the other one to my computer’s port. More computers can also be connected to the cable modem router in case I have houseguests want to browse the internet with their own laptops. The ip address will still be the same.

Step 3.Then, I plugged the modem should to the power outlet. I patiently waited for a few minutes until the blinking lights become stable.

I browsed the internet right after the time warner setup was finished.


Steps To Trouble Shoot Time Warner Cable Modem

There were times when my cable modem router is not functioning at the fastest possible and expected speed. When this happened, I know that there is one thing that needs to be done and it is free: to troubleshoot. There are two ways to do this.

First, I reset the cable modem. To do this, I had to unplug the power cord for at least thirty seconds and plug it again after. It essential to let the device take a break so that it will function accordingly once plugged in again. The second way is to find a replacement especially if the same problems are encountered continuously.


Replace Time Warner Cable Wireless Modem

1869038_f520What should be done once the cable wireless modem needs to be replaced? The first thing I did was to call time warner and request for a new modem. The modem was shipped to my address.

Here is another way. I sent the modem to time warner’s office. A representative sent a new model to my house.

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