The days of slow dial-up connections are now gone because a zoom cable modem now offers several ways to use a cable connection that ensures the fastest internet access.


Advantages Of Zoom Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem

According to reviews, there are two advantages that I can derive from utilizing this cable modem.

First of all, I can use the coaxial cable that is connected to the cable on both a high-speed internet router and a cable television. Second, the fast internet access gives me more freedom. This means that I do not need a modem with phone to have an internet connection.

Zoom-Docsis 3.0 High-Speed Cable Modem Parts

This type of cable modem usually has three parts: the modulator, the demodulator and the tuner.

The main function of the modulator is to take and convert the signal that is transmitted back to the coaxial cable. The demodulator, on the other hand, receives both signal and data which are both converted to a digital form and then later will be comprehended by my computer. And the tuner is responsible to acquire internet signal and then sends it to the demodulator.


Where To Buy A Zoom Cable Modem 5341 And How Much One Costs?

A decade ago, I bought a cable modem for around $2,000 – a very expensive purchase. But right now, companies that provide cable modems are offering cheaper deals simply because of competition. And because of this, I can now purchase a cable modem from $250 to $350. Now, that is cheap!

Where can a cable modem that will fit my budget be found? There are three places to choose from.

First on the list is a cable company provider that often offers several or all services in just one cable box. Next is an electronic store where several types of zoom cable modem can be found. And finally, a cable modem can be found online. This is one place where products are often cheaper.

How To Set-Up A Zoom 5341 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem?

imagesThere are only two things that are needed when setting up and these are of course the zoom cable model and a shorter coaxial cable. Once these items are gathered, there are five steps that I performed for the setup to be successful.

First I turned either my laptop computer off where the zoom cable modem will be connected.

Next, I plugged the Ethernet and the zoom cable modems to my computer’s LAN port at the opposite end of the cable which I also connect to the port of the Ethernet’s modem.

Third, I attached the coaxial cable to the modem that supplies the internet service.

Then, I plugged the modem’s power supply into an electrical outlet and waited until the registration process is finished and the modem is powered-up. All indicator lights excluding the link light are turned on when the procedure is over.

Finally, I turned my computer on and let the cable company which asks for a modem’s MAC address that I found on the label’s bottom, to configure all the settings.

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