It is essential for me who chose to purchase the Motorola surfboard sb6120 cable modem to take some time to understand the most important things about this modem to ensure that there would not be any problem encountered that I can personally solve. I found these guidelines inside the user’s manual.


How To Connect The Motorola Sb6120 Cable Modem

Before I connected to the internet, I opted to learn first how to personally connect the modem. I was aware that the surfboard modem should be attached to a coaxial cable.

For a wireless modem, there is no need for additional cable connections since computers can be connected via wireless signal released by the modem. However, if I prefer a modem with router, I learned that I should have an Ethernet cable to stimulate connection of the cable modem my computers and other devices.


Understanding The Status Of Motorola Surfboard Sb6120

Another important thing that I have learned regarding Motorola drivers are about the connection status which can be viewed on the front panel of the modem. There are five buttons that this panel is equipped with. And these are represented by lights that present information about the cable modem.

Feature 1. Power

This feature lights up a solid green when the operation is normal but it suddenly turns off in the presence of power supply problems.

Feature 2 & 3. Send and Receive

The colors blue and/or green are noticed when data is being passed on to the modem while both blink when the modem is scanning for connection.

Feature 4. Online

This feature turns solid green when the modem is already connected to an internet provider. No light will be seen when problems are being encountered.

Feature 5. Link

Finally, a yellow light is displayed when a computer is successfully connected to the modem with an Ethernet connection. On the other hand, a blue light represents high-speed connection.


Configure A Motorola Wireless Cable Modem

A times that I encounter the slowest instead of the fastest internet connection, I realized that the only way to solve this problem is to configure both internet and computer settings. There are two things that I usually do to configure the cable modem’s settings.

First on the list, I verified the connection of the Motorola cable modem and the coaxial cable. I also made sure that these two cables are connected entirely. If the cables are not connected properly, transferring of data can be slowed down or stopped.

Here is another way. I cleared out the browsing history of my browser because too much data on internet history also slow down internet connection.


Reset Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem

CABLEThere are also times when my internet connection does not work at all. There are three steps that I do to ensure that the cable modem will work again.

First, I unplug the power cord of the cable modem. Next, I let the cable modem rest for at least thirty seconds. Then, I plug the power cord and wait until the lights that show the connection status are turned on.

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