During my search for a wireless cable modem router, I came across people who often opt to pick out the first router that they see in the first local physical store that they drop by. And some prefer the cheapest wireless router that they can afford.

Of course, buying something does not ensure that we get the best wireless cable modem. Someone who is planning to have the best signal booster must take some time to read about the things mentioned below.


What One Should Know About Motorola Wireless Cable Modem

What is a wireless cable modem? This is a very important requirement for our homes in need of high-speed internet connection. This cable modem has two functions.

First, it receives signal from the internet and data to my computer that a user utilizes. It also sends out signal and data from my computer to servers.


Sending And Receiving Signals Cable Modem Wireless Router

How does the cable modem router send a signal? The data is transferred from my computer to the cable modem through an Ethernet cable. Then the data is converted to a radio signal and transmitted to the internet using a service provider.

How does the wireless cable modem receive a signal? The data from the internet is converted into a radio signal before it is received. Next, it is translated to a type of data that will be used and recognized by my computer. Then, the data is transferred from the cable modem to the computer via the Ethernet cable.


Setting Up Motorola Surfboard Gateway Sbg6589 Docsis 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem

The good thing about setting up a surfboard wireless cable modem is that I can connect to the internet without having a direct connection to the modem wherever I may be inside the house.

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to setup a Motorola wireless cable modem.

The first step I did is to hook up the coaxial cable to the modem’s connection port. The former can be found on the wall outlet. While the latter’s connection port can be found at the back of the wireless cable modem.

Next, I attached the power and switch the cable modem on. It usually takes around thirty seconds for the lights on the wireless cable modem to start flashing. It is fully turned on when the lights starts to blink in a steady manner.

Finally, I opened a browser using my computer with wifi.  I made sure that I restart my computer before connecting to the wireless router.


Shopping For Wireless Cable Modem Router

3223.Cable-Modem-and-RouterHere is a step-by-step procedure on how I found the best wireless cable modem around.

The first step, I read cable modem reviews. I came across several reviews on the internet. While doing this, I also checked out the price range as well as the benefits that I can derive from getting one.

The second step, I listed down the cable modem providers that I preferred the most, the type of wireless modem router and the price attached to it.

And finally, I opt for the cheapest cable modem available in the market that can provide the fastest internet connection.

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