Ask any techie about the Cisco 2100 cable modem and I’m sure he’ll be all praises. But what exactly makes this modem a hit? Let’s find out.


All About The Cisco 2100

The Cisco 2100 is an internet modem that’s designed for home use. It runs a DOCSIS 2.0 version which is also compatible for the 1.0 and the 1.1 versions. DOCSIS is actually just a tool used by telecommunication companies to give you internet access via your TV cable. The version number, such as 1.0 and 3.0, helps them determine how fast your internet access is.

The Cisco 2100 modem is considered to be a high speed modem. If you give it a speed test, you’ll find that it can reach up to 43 Mbps in terms of download speed and up to 10 Mbps for your upload speed. This makes the Cisco 2100 one of the fastest modems of its kind.


What Are The Other Features Of The Cisco 2100?

The 2100 is actually quite small with its dimensions being only 5.8 x 4 x 1.5 inches. Its compact design makes it a sure fit to your shelf space. What’s more is that it doesn’t look too bulky as compared to other DOCSIS 2.0 modems, thus giving you a more stylish and eye-catching look.

The Cisco 2100 cable modem driver supports various Windows operating systems ranging from Windows 2000 to Windows 7. This means that you won’t have to change your modem even if you change your gadget or upgrade your pc.


How To Install The Cisco 2100

Installing the Cisco 2100 modem is actually a piece of cake. You just plug it in through either the USB port or the Ethernet port and you’re set to go! If you’re a beginner, you can try to call Cisco’s tech support for help which is available 24/7.

If you want to try installing the modem on your own, the first step is to check whether all of your connections are good or not. Normally, the Ethernet port is used to connect from modem to pc. However, if you prefer to connect via the USB, you’ll have to install the correct Cisco 2100 cable modem USB driver which comes in the CD. If you don’t have the CD, you can try downloading the drivers at the Cisco website or it via Windows Driver Updates.

After checking your connections, you can access the modem via the WebWizard which is an interface designed to make installation and troubleshooting of the Cisco 2100 a breeze.

If you’re uncertain as to the compatibility of your modem with your internet, it’s best to call you internet service provider. ISPs such as Charter often have a list of modems that are compatible with their service. They’ll also help you through the set-up if necessary. They may ask for your modem’s IP and MAC IP address. The default Cisco 2100 cable modem IP address is The MAC IP address can be found at the bottom of your modem.

With the right help and a positive attitude, you’ll be browsing the internet just 10 minutes after you’ve taken your new Cisco 2100 modem out of the box!


What Do The Reviews Say About The Cisco 2100?

B002M3SHXA-SB5101U-LeftMajority of the reviews for this modem give it high ratings. One user who wrote a Cisco 2100 cable modem review said that is was one of the most reliable modems he’s ever had. Others state that this model has greatly increased their internet speeds despite the fact that their previous modems were also DOCSIS 2.0 certified.

Another thing that users love about this product is its cost. You can purchase this product for just a little over $46, which makes it one of the best deals in the market. It’s a good idea to just buy your own modem such as this one because it helps you save money on your modem rental. What’s more is that it has the Cisco seal of approval, giving it a sense of authenticity and reliability that most techies can’t deny.

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