I have always found the use of a cable modem router to be very handy and efficient. Most businesses and commercial spaces already use one as it offers additional service and it is also very easy to manage as well as to set up. Right now, we have both a cable model and a router set up at home that allows us to connect multiple devices to the internet. There are no problems with this one, but here are a few reasons why a modem router combo is much more efficient.

Ease Of Installation

The first thing that I appreciate about a cable modem and router device is the fact that there are fewer devices to use and set up. This means less wires, less electric costs, and overall an easier to manage device. Our home is currently set up with a cable modem and wireless router that give us both a LAN connection and wireless internet in the house. The modem is located at the second floor, and the router is situated at the third floor. This may sound impractical for most but we had to set it up this way as we have four floors and this was the only way to get good internet connection up to the fourth floor. As you can guess, there are wires running all over the house and out, and things would just be easier if we just had one device to minimize all the mess.


We have considered getting wireless router cable modem to get rid of all the wires, but a wired connection really offers faster and more reliable speed. Most DSL subscriptions also come with free modem devices, thus leading most people to just purchase an additional router to provide internet access for various devices. The best router option still depends on the standards and needs of its users, but overall, what the device has to offer should be speed and accessibility rolled into one. Although wired connections can be limiting, the speed test results are always better by comparison.

Cable Modem With Wireless Router

You can purchase a cable modem with wireless router and easily install the devices without the help of any professional. There are free instructions online on how to connect a wireless router to cable modem, and as long as you have all the necessary items, you should have no problems. Some common mistakes or errors that lead to these devices not working well are when the coaxial cables are not attached firmly to the box. Sometimes, a loose cable is all it takes for the connection to be lost. Setting up your own wireless connection can also mean that the best wireless router can come cheap and not as expensive as all the big companies would like you to believe.

Basic Facts

Comcast-Cable-Modem1It is always a good idea to read a review online about the wireless router that you wish to buy. Make sure that the specifications are able to meet your minimum requirements. There are also some products that should be handled by more experienced individuals and there are those that can easily be understood by any beginner. To be sure, you can also purchase from the best brands in the industry such as Verizon or Linksys so that you have less to worry about.

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