If you are looking for a Best Buy cable modem, it would be a good idea to check their online website first, as well as to read about the product specifications of the one you are intending to buy. People are not normally knowledgeable about this technology stuff, especially if you are a working professional who has less time to spend on these things. For me however, knowing even just the basics about the internet and the use of a router can truly go a long way

Long Term Investment

Even with the increasing patronage of the internet, not too many people know how to set up their own networks because most service providers offer to do this for you. Of course, there are fees involved, and although these may seem insignificant on a monthly basis, its long term costs can be avoided. Time Warner for example collects a seven dollar rental fee on their modems per customer every month. If you go out to look at cable modems and wireless router, you will see that you will be able to purchase some for the rate of just eleven months of rental fees.

Motorola Surfboard Sb6120 Cable Modem Best Buy

The Motorola Surfboard SB6120 is one such product that can be bought for just under one hundred dollars. It offers Docsis 3.0 capabilities, making it provide up to four times the speed of Docsis 2.0, and is designed to provide cost efficient high speed internet connection for any home or business. Many reviews I read online were very satisfied with its ease of installation and even easier management and maintenance. You simply have to make sure that there is cable access available in your area, make sure that the device is firmly plugged in with its coaxial cables, call your service provider to register your device, and you are done. This Motorola Surfboard SB6120 Cable Modem Best Buy even allows you to connect it to a router so that you may enjoy wireless internet within the home.

Wireless Cable Modems

I also tried looking at wireless cable modems at Best Buy because of the good reviews I found online. Most people say that they are still able to get reliable internet connection, and there are less wires to worry about. Wireless also provides more mobility and well, is just easier to make use of. There are quite a number of options for wireless cable modem best buy. One of these is the Motorola Surfboard Extreme Docsis 3.0 Wireless n Cable Modem. This device is actually a wireless n router combo that lets you enjoy wifi at home or in the office. The modem and wireless router combo leaves you free from worrying about multiple devices, thus making them easier to use; they cost less too.

Cable Modem At Best Buy

motorola_sb5100Before you purchase your cable modem at best buy, I also found that you need to make sure that these devices are compatible with your service provider. There are those who will not allow you to register the device into the service, thus rendering them useless. I also take into consideration the minimum requirements such as the number of drivers, the results from a speed test, and whether it will provide me with wifi or not. All in all, buying your own modem is a great and practical investment.

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