The Arris cable modem is a reliable device that offers high speed internet connection for both residential and commercial purposes. In my search for compatible modems and the best router that I can use to maximize my internet subscription, the Arris brand has been thrown my way both by acquaintances and professional experts who are of course more knowledgeable about the subject. The primary reason for this, I found, is the fact that Arris modems are Docsis certified. This means that they are able to meet the requirements and specification standards of various internet service providers, thus assuring consumers that the devices will work perfectly with the service.


I read from many reviews online that most Arris modems also provide excellent performance especially when it comes to test speed results. For example, the Arris wbm760 cable modem can provide up to 25Mb of download speed and 4Mb for uploads. This performance result is significantly more than what other brands can provide, and at the same price for the device, thi is a great advantage for Arris. Their Docsis 3.0 compliant device can give you the high speed internet you need for multimedia uploads and downloads, and it can also be paired with wireless routers if you need wifi connection. This Arris touchstone cable modem works well with Time Warner, Comcast, and most other service providers available in the country.

Changing the IP Address

Another reason why many prefer to buy Arris cable modems and routers is the fact that it is easy to change the device IP address. You can easily search their website or other online sites for instructions on how to change your Arris cable modem IP address, and you can also easily contact their customer support and ask a representative on how to do so.

Excellent Customer Service

This brings me to another advantage that comes with the purchase of any Arris product. Arris provides one of the most satisfactory customer services that I have come across in some time now. Even if I have not bought their products yet, the representative was more than willing enough to inform me about their products and what makes them a better buy than others.

Arris Cable Modem TM502G

One product that caught my attention was the Arris Cable Modem TM502G. It is actually an example of a telephony modem, which is used to connect a computer, a telephone line, and an internet or telephone cable. The service representative informed me that this device is compatible with most service providers, but some of them should be contacted first just to be sure. There are some internet service providers who require modems to be bought from specific stores only such as best buy. Most often, the service providers will also refuse to register a used device or one that has been refurbished.

DSL Connection

Room_with_PC_and_cable_modem-2I was told that the Arris modem works well with a DSL connection at home. In case the device does not work as it should, it probably means a problem with the internet connection or the phone service. I have read reviews that troubleshooting the device is also easy as there are instructions online, or you can also call for a service representative.

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